Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday?? 303

Firstly I'd like to share with you the  finished card that I was working on last week....

It's a fun card known as a yo-yo, if you pull the button the  down the little piggies head spins around........I showed it to my friends little girls and they were in hysterics !!

Well now to my desk, its a mess as usual I've pushed and piled everything up at the left hand back as I needed to make some cards for an order... that's why my basket of envelopes are stuck in the middle then to the right you'll see my mother's day bits from the girls. I've been really good and not opened my gifted wrapped Turkish Delight that's real constraint on my behalf as its my favourite.

After I've finished these cards I'm nipping out to the shops and then going to get cracking on a bit of scrappin'.... well I need to as I set the challenge this week!! 

If you want to know what WOYWW is all about then pop on over to Julia's blog and find out all the info.  When I manage to get 5 minutes with a coffee I know what I'll be doing and that is nosing around a few desks, so be sure to leave me a comment to let me know you passed by

Happy Craftin'


Nikki C said...

Kewl cards is there a tut out there somewhere to try that happy woyww hugs Nikki 1

Helen said...

would love to know how to make those cards that move! hope you get your order done and can desk hop!! Helen 3

MrsC.x said...

I stil think that a spinning piggy head is a bit odd even if i love the card and the idea! :)
thanks for sharing
Luv Mrs. C.xx

Judys Fabrications said...

Hmm..moving cards sound like fun!These are so cute!
Judy #13

Anonymous said...

I LOVE cards that are interactive. Never made a yoyo one or a spinner one yet, but yours is so cute it's tempting.
Happy WOYWW day!
Mary Anne (2)

peggy lin said...

They are so CUTE
Peggy #29

Julia Dunnit said...

How there's quite a lot to a spinning head! Am impressed at your restraint but wonder why??!! I love turkish delight too, a piece with a coffee..yum! So your basket of you match card sizes to which envelopes you have then? Seems a good idea given the number of odd envelopes I have...

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Lovely cards and I can imagine the children loving it. Sadly, there were not many people demoing at the NEC so there was really only Barbara Gray to watch with Maria Simms at the other end of the Clarity stand. Still, they are the best. Hope you have fun finding all the things on your table. xx Maggie #14

Jan Ltc said...

Great space Happy WOYWW xx Jan 61

Pat Taviss said...

I do the same thing, just move the stuff out of the way so I can work on a postage stamp size piece of craft paper. Happy scrappin'

Thx for sharing
Pat #15

Angela Radford said...

They sound like real fun cards. Love things that move.
Happy woyww, Angela x 42

Sue said...

I love the cards with the animals.

Thanks for sharing your desk.

Thanks also for stopping by my blog earlier.

Sue #32

Fuzzie Fingers said...

These cards sound like fun. Thanks for visiting my desk.

Kyla said...

ooh nice cards. Some lovely layouts on your newer posts too.

Thanks for visiting my blog already

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