Sunday, 10 February 2013

Scrapbookin' On Sunday

Scrapbookin' On Sunday is having to  take a break this week as I'm playing catch up with myself..........

This is due to the fact that I planned to spend Saturday afternoon Scrappin' but found myself having to tidy up  the front room after the man from Virgin had been  to look at the little black box ........and guess what No fault could be found so we're still trying to work out whats going on with our TV!!

But I can share some pictures that were taken Friday Evening when we went out to celebrate Heidi's birthday.......

 "Yes now I can drink legally"

 "Uncle Banana Head" and Frank

Here Heidi is laughing as she only just realised after 3 attempts that the candles Amy and Lucy had put in the cake were the ones that re-ignite........

One thing that I have learn't through scrappin' and taking photos is to take 2 pictures one landscape position and one portrait,  that way you can use which one suits your layout best.

Well must dash loads still to do especially as I have a job for the time being so early to bed for me tonight got to get back into commuting by train now.

Happy Craftin'


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