Sunday, 3 February 2013

Scapbookin' On Sunday

Yay  I managed to get on to my laptop found out what the problem was so hopefully things will be OK now (she says finger's crossed)

For this week's Scrapbookin' On Sunday I'm going to share with you a Hidden Gem in the Annual Catalogue and that is the 12x12 Divided Page Protectors and can be found on page 169.

You get 10 assorted pages which hold a variety of photo sizes and they really do make scrapbooking effortless and quick as well as allowing you to create beautiful pages. 

And are great for when you take lots of photos of particular events such as weddings, parties or in my case "Elephants" on parade around I have some where to scrap my 400 odd photo's with out having to do a similar number of layouts.

Hope you have a great Sunday, what ever you may be doing...............

Happy Stampin'


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