Sunday, 23 August 2009

Proud Mummy

Just had to share some good news with you , my middle daughter Amy, did really well in her " AS" results (2nd year of A level) managing to get an A grade in English and C in Psychology and History.

So that means she's off to University at the end of September!! now she's just deciding which one ...... and I thought this would be the stress free part.
Well done Amy!!!!!!!!


LINDA said...

A Big congrats to your daughter..Well Done sweetie!!! She is very beautiful!!
Hugs, Linda

Stephanie said...

Well done Amy!!
& you're absolutely right to be a very proud mummy - she's beautiful as well as clever :)
Hugs, Steph xxx

Shaz said...

Well done Amy and a big congrats to you and the family this a marked occasion for you all. Keep up the good work my dear.

Shaz xxxx

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