Saturday, 21 February 2009

All Boy

I've been trying to use this photograph for ages in my scrap book!

Its of my darling husband taken 26 years ago, it was on of those taken in a photo booth which I scanned, cropped and enlarged on the computer.
My daughters keep giggling.......... I wonder why???


artyfarty said...

ROFLMAO ....sorry FS hubby lol but gotta admit this is funny!
Was ya wearing brown flares too ..I used to love them flares and platform shoes oh and silver belts hmmm brings back memories !

LINDA said...

Isnt it fun to bring out old photos!!I get mine out and always have a good laugh.Or think, Boy I wish I was that age again.I love going down memory lane.TFS.. Hugs Linda

shadoob said...

..yeah, I can see why your girls would giggle..but me..I say what a handsome chap you have there! Love the look in his eyes. nice scrapping page. ~Cheryl

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